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Speaker Guidelines

Speaker and Coordinator Session Guidelines and Release Form

Once accepted, you will be assigned a liaison from the RIMS Conference Programming Committee (CPC).  You will work closely with your CPC liaison to edit session titles and descriptions, if necessary, and meet all deadlines from session acceptance to conference presentation. All questions should be directed to your CPC liaison. In the event that your CPC liaison is unavailable, you may contact Kamy Persaud, RIMS Senior Conference Programming Specialist, at

Session Information

  • All session information will be driven electronically via RIMS website ( and emails from RIMS or your CPC liaison.
  • Expect emails from RIMS that will serve as reminders of upcoming deadlines and information required to complete your session.

DEADLINES ARE FIRM! If any deadline is missed, important information may not appear in either the Conference Program and/or Guide. Failure to meet deadlines may result in a session being eliminated from the program.

Adding speakers: It is your responsibility to add speakers to your session information on RIMS website. It is absolutely imperative that all information is complete and correct. If the speaker you are adding is not in the RIMS membership database, you will need to enter the correct name, designations (ARM, CPCU, etc), title, company, address, telephone, fax and e-mail. The password should be the speaker's last name. When a speaker is added, an email is automatically sent to the individual informing them that they have been entered and are required to confirm acceptance. The name, designation, title and company will be posted and published in the online and printed versions of the Conference Program and Conference Guide. Speakers are required to complete their biographical information and read and accept the RIMS 2010 Speaker/Coordinator Session Guidelines and Release Form via the link included in the acceptance email. Failure to accept the guidelines will result in being eliminated from the program and speaking at RIMS 2010.

Please Note: Speakers should not participate on a panel if they cannot answer questions relevant to the session(s) or are unable to disclose information that is relative to the session(s).

Session Categories

Claims Management (CLM), Employment Risks (EMP), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Finance (FIN), International (INT), Industry (IND), Insurance (INS), Loss Control (LCT), Legal/Legislation (LEG) and Risk Management (RMG)

Session Levels

  • 100 Series - Entry - Limited Experience
  • 200 Series - Intermediate - All Audiences
  • 300 Series - Senior - Significant Experience on the Topic
  • 400 Series - Executive - Strategic Approach to Topic
  • 900 Series - Industry Related (Restaurant, Agriculture)


Once the session schedule (day, date and time) has been set and you have been informed, requests for changes cannot be accommodated.

Length of Session and Number of Speakers

RIMS policy limits the number of speakers allowed for a session and workshop. All sessions and workshops must include a risk manager as a speaker. Only one representative from a company, including subsidiaries, is permitted per session/workshop.

  • Session: Maximum of three (3) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager) - 90 minutes
  • Workshop: Maximum of four (4) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager) - 2.5 hours
  • Industry: Maximum of four (4) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager) - 2.5 hours

Sessions are not to exceed the maximum time allowed and speakers must vacate the meeting room at the end of the session. Concurrent sessions follow in 15 minutes after the end of the previous session, therefore vacating in a timely manner will ensure that the program stays on schedule.

On-Site Speaker Changes

RIMS will only accept speaker changes from the session coordinator. Sessions are limited to speakers. Any additional speakers must be approved by RIMS CPC or Kamy Persaud. Adding a speaker without approval will result in a one-day registration fee of $505.00


RIMS will supply each session with the following:

  • LCD projector/screen
  • 2 table top microphones
  • 1 lectern with lavaliere microphone

RIMS does not supply computers, phones, wireless microphone or Internet connectivity. If these items are needed, the speaker/panelist must notify the session coordinator and not the CPC liaison. The speaker/panelist will be responsible for all costs associated with the additional items.

Audiovisual requests will not be accommodated on-site.

All PowerPoint presentations and related handouts must be on the RIMS 2010 template, available on RIMS website -

Session Handouts

Green initiatives at RIMS 2010: While we understand the importance of session handouts for the attendees, we ask that when you promote your session(s), you encourage registered attendees to download handouts onto their laptop or PDA before the session. Working from an electronic copy will reduce the amount of printed copies needed. If printed copies are required, we ask that you consider a layout that would reduce the number of overall printed pages- i.e., front/back- and print no more than 25% (of total registered for your session) for attendees.

All handouts MUST be uploaded on RIMS website by the assigned deadline. Business cards of session attendees may not be solicited and badges may not be scanned before or after the session. Providing memory sticks with company information is equivalent to solicitation.

Memory stick or give away items should not be exchanged for business cards.

Cancellation of Session(s)

  • RIMS reserves the right to cancel a session and will notify the coordinator prior to cancellation.
  • In the event there is a change in the employment of the session coordinator, the Conference Programming Committee liaison must be notified. All changes and cancellation decisions will be made by RIMS.

Expense/Benefits Received

Speakers must provide their airfare to and from the conference; their hotel accommodations while at the conference; and all meals consumed while at the conference. RIMS will not reimburse speakers for these expenses.

REGISTRATION IS COMPLIMENTARY to all speakers on the day of the session only. This includes access to sessions, breakfast or luncheon, admission to the exhibit hall and special events on the day.

Taping of Sessions

RIMS may record any conference session for future use. In consideration of your participation in RIMS 2010 Annual Conference & Exhibition, you agree to grant to the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS), its representatives, employees, agents and assigns, the non-exclusive right to use any work contained within or forming part of your presentation and any written materials you provide. "Use" means:

  1. To distribute, reproduce, archive, transcribe, print, publish and sell in any medium, now or hereafter developed.
  2. Contemplate use of photographs, pictures, likenesses, resemblances, video or digital recordings, voice transcriptions or recordings, reproductions, characterizations, cartoons, or parts or distortions, blurring or alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form thereof whether intentionally made or not, with or without all or any part of your name, signature, endorsement and biographical data concerning you either alone, or as part of, or in conjunction with any resemblances of any real or imaginary persons, figures, places or things, or of any designs or drawings, of any kind or character.
  3. To copyright and appropriate privacy/publicity rights.
  4. Only in connection with materials offered by the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

You acknowledge that you are to receive no payment for the license given in this agreement and agree to hold RIMS free from harm in any way in respect of the property rights of any other party who may have an interest in the above licensed material. It is further understood that you shall retain the copyright with respect to your presentation and written materials, including, but not limited to full rights to reproduce.

You represent and warrant that you are either the author or owner of all rights to your presentation and any other supporting material submitted in connection with it, and such will not infringe on the rights of others, and that you have full power and authority to submit said material on the terms and conditions set forth herein, all of which shall be binding not only on you, but on any and all persons for whom you are acting.

You hereby consent to allow RIMS to use the aforementioned information and to hold information about you in connection with your actual or potential engagement in RIMS 2010 Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Session Ethics

As a speaker for RIMS 2010, we require that proper and professional business conduct be practiced at all times. Please use discretion for certain topics that are not proper subjects for discussion and consideration at RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Please keep in mind that many members of RIMS may be your competitors and any action taken to cause harm or negatively impact a competitor and the Society, its members, conference attendees, vendors, exhibitors, personnel or business practices is prohibited.

 Agree   I Do Not Agree




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