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Wednesday Morning

 Wednesday, November 12, 10:00am-11:00am

Insurance Law 101
Insurance policies are filled with paragraphs overloaded with legal jargon. How does a risk manager figure out what they mean? Hear from a lawyer and a risk manager, who have read and interpreted thousands of insurance policies, on how courts, lawyers and insurers decipher these documents. This session is especially recommended for those new to the field.

David B. Goodwin, Partner, Covington & Burling LLP
Bob Sweeney, Vice President, Risk Management, DFS Group LP

Upstream/Downstream: Negotiating Contractual Insurance Requirements
Negotiating optimal insurance requirements in contracts is a tricky business. Requirements vary significantly depending on where the boat floats—upstream (owners, developers, landlords, general contractors) or downstream (contractors, tenants, vendors, suppliers)—but all businesses need formal contractual risk management programs. From both perspectives, learn how to quantify preferred, acceptable and unacceptable contract terms and develop a method of pricing goods, products or services based on contractual risk allocation. Hear about critical negotiation points, such as coverage, limits, scope of coverage for additional insureds and indemnity, the impact of anti-indemnity statutes, subrogation waivers, deductible responsibility, notice of cancellation, verification of coverage and obsolete language. Understand suggested insurance requirements and the expected duties of agents or brokers, and learn from years of contract negotiation experience.

Abe Freeland, Vice President, Account Executive, Willis
Jennifer L. Santiago, Risk Management Manager, Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd.
Stephan Upshaw, Vice President, Risk Management, Equity Residential



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