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RIMS sponsorship and promotional opportunities are designed to elevate your sales and marketing strategy at RIMS '14. Sponsor with RIMS and watch your business grow!

A variety of unique sponsorships will help your organization achieve its goals and objectives, and...

Drive Traffic. Sponsorships can increase your exhibiting footprint exponentially, generating more traffic and more contacts, more leads, more prospective sales and more value for your marketing dollar.

Some sponsorships include recognition in print and on the RIMS website - extending your investment both before the show and long afterwards.

Raise the Stakes. Sponsorships naming a specific product or service magnify its visibility to the entire industry - enhancing a new product launch or sales of your signature service.

Boost Your Brand. Along with sponsorship comes the invaluable prestige of industry leadership - establishing you not only as an important presence in the marketplace, but also as an investor in the risk management community.

We can tailor our sponsorships to match any budget and marketing strategy with our on-site, online and print options. Act quickly as many high-profile sponsorships are exclusive and sell out quickly!


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Access the most comprehensive directory of solution providers for risk professionals.


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