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Rules & Regulations


Exhibitors using a hard wall booth must submit booth plans to the Denver Fire Department for approval. The drawings must include the actual structure as well as items placed within the booth. You can submit plans to CCC Operations Manager, Mark Brisse at: mbrisse@denverconvention.com.

The fire regulations require that many hard wall booths have multiple exits in case of emergency. To determine if your booth needs more than one exit, divide the total square footage by 15. This will give you the occupancy level. If the booth can accommodate fewer than 50 people (750 sq. ft. or smaller), one 3’ opening is required. For booths accommodating 50 or more people, two 3’ openings are required.

Please contact Mark Brisse for additional questions and information:

Mark Brisse', Operations Manager
Colorado Convention Center (CCC)  / SMG
700 14th Street, Denver, CO 80202
303-228-8013 office email: mbrisse@denverconvention.com




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