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Looking back at 60 years of history with RIMS

As the rest of the world spent the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 reviewing the last decade and what it all means, RIMS has fixed a much wider focus, looking at the last six decades and taking stock of the Society’s growth and history as it enters its 60th year.

RIMS is a much different organization than when it started in 1950. Its name, its purpose and its scope have all grown and evolved as the world and as the discipline of risk management have undergone tremendous change. All along the way, the Society we now know has made a thousand important strides across the years that, step by step, have built the world’s greatest association for risk managers.

The 1950s were about laying foundations and building a community. The 1960s focused on education, government affairs and creating our annual conference. In the 1970s, RIMS led the development of risk management as a concept and as a discipline. The 1980s saw RIMS break new ground again, this time becoming the voice of the commercial risk manager, helping risk management become a global practice and deepening our influence in the halls of government. The 1990s welcomed the launch of, the creation of the Canadian Risk Management Council and the start of the Arthur Quern Quality Award and the Ron Judd Heart of RIMS to exalt the brightest lights in the world of risk management.

But it has been the last 10 years that have been the most important. As the world reeled from one catastrophe after another, the undeniable need for better and stronger risk management pushed RIMS into the mainstream. The Society testified before Congress, created inroads in Japan, saw record membership and conference attendance numbers, and took the lead not only in spreading the awareness of enterprise risk management, but in crafting its very definition.

The last 60 years have shown just how far the Society has come. But the next 60 will demonstrate how it is just getting warmed up. As we look ahead to a future bright with opportunity, let us take a walk through history and highlight some of the Society’s most noteworthy achievements over the last six decades.

Check out the timelines to see who our Best of Show Award winners have been each year, where the Annual Conference and Exhibition has been held and who our esteemed presidents have been and what the overall RIMS events and accomplishments have been.



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