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Photos of the Decades


  • The popularity of mobile phones and text messaging surged in the 2000s.
  • The decade saw the rise of digital media as opposed to the use of print, and the steady decline of printed books in countries where e-readers had become available.
  • Climate change and global warming became household words in the 2000s. The global temperature kept growing during the decade.

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  • Many countries, institutions, companies, and organizations were prosperous during the 1990s. High-income countries experienced steady economic growth for much of the decade.
  • Development of biodegradable products, replacing products made from styrofoam; advances in methods for recycling of waste products (such as paper, glass, and aluminum)
  • The first MP3 player is released.

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  • The 1980's was an era of tremendous population growth around the world, thus arguably being the largest in human history.
  • The role of women in the workplace increased greatly. More and more women in the English-speaking world took to calling themselves "Ms.", rather than "Mrs." or "Miss".
  • Developing countries across the world faced economic and social difficulties as they suffered from multiple debt crises in the 1980s, requiring many of these countries to apply for financial assistanace from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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  • Economically, the 1970's were marked by the energy crisis which peaked in 1973 and 1979.
  • Television's current longest-running game show, The Price is Right, began its run hosted by Bob Barker in 1972.
  • Early in the decade, several architects competed to build the tallest building in the world. Of these buildings, the most notable are the John Hancock Center and Sears Tower in Chicago.

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  • The 1960's were known as the Swinging Sixties because of the libertine attitudes that emerged during this decade.
  • The highest-grossing film of the decade was 20th Century Fox's The Sound of Music.
  • A succession of unmanned American and Soviet probes travelled to the Moon, Venus, and Mars during the 1960's, and commercial satellites also came into use.

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  • An immunization vaccine is produced for polio.
  • The world's first nuclear power plant was opened in Obninsk near Moscow.
  • The first successful ultrasound test of the heart activity.

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