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RIMS Staff

  Aurea Hernando – 11 years

 “Like any other relationships,  to be with RIMS for almost 11 years, means a lot of learning and growing.  Witnessing and experiencing, working with different leaders, managers and just people in general, is what made me last this long.  It’s like reading a good book or watching a great film, there is no predicting the next page or the next scene and I am one to take a risk.”

  Marianne Cullen – 25 years

 “Happy 60th birthday RIMS!  It’s been a pleasure to have shared in the growth and success of RIMS over the last 25 years.”

  Blanca Ferreris – 21 years

“I remember attending RIMS 40th year celebration.  Back then I thought that I was part of a great organization and I still do.  I have to say that twenty years went by very quickly.  I am so glad to be part of the celebration!”


  Joe Ricci – 11 years

“Over the years, risk management has come to the forefront and it has been exciting working for RIMS during that time. Along the way I have met and worked with great people.”


  Eugene Frazier – 14 years

“I work with an entire staff of incredible people.  It is a pleasure to work with a talented group of people.  Congratulations RIMS on reaching this very important milestone”


  Evangelyn Duran – 18 years

“I have been with RIMS for over 15 years. During this time I have seen RIMS continually grow in many respects. In particular, the RIMS membership database system has gone through several upgrades and improvements resulting in better tracking of membership information.  Likewise, I have seen RIMS membership go up to as high as 10,000+ members. This is an indication of members satisfaction with RIMS. People have come and gone but I have seen RIMS remain committed to serving its valuable members.” 



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