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Need Help??? - Description of Member Groups

1. Members (excluding Associates)

The "Members (excluding Associates)" group contains the following member types:

  • Primary Professional  
  • Secondary Professional  
  • Additional Professional 
  • Transitional
  • Honorary  
  • Retiree  
  • Educational  
  • Student

This group also includes those people who have applied for membership, but have not yet been approved (their status = Waiting for Approval (Inactive)).

2. Associates

The "Associates" group contains only Associates of the Society.

3. Prospects

The "Prospect" group contains certain individuals who RIMS has classed as a "Prospective Member".

4. Non-Members

The "Non-Member" group contains the following non-member types:

  • Primary Professional Past Members  
  • Secondary Professional Past Members  
  • Additional Professional Past Members  
  • Honorary Past Members  
  • Retiree Past Members  
  • Educational Past Members  
  • Student Past Members  
  • General Non-Members

If a member has not renewed, then they will be "Primary Deputy Past Member" (if they used to be a Primary Deputy).  Their status will be "Didn't Renew (Dropped)" or "Cancelled" if they notified RIMS that they no longer wished to be a RIMS member.