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RIMS invites you to join as an Educational Member if your primary occupation is as a faculty member or department chair at an institute of higher learning teaching risk management, insurance, or benefits courses. Simply complete an online application at along with a curriculum vitae.

RIMS recognizes that educators are instrumental in engaging students. This information is available to assist educators and faculty advisors in communicating the value of RIMS membership to students.

Frequently asked questions about RIMS Student Membership:

How can a student join RIMS?

Students who wish to join RIMS must complete the online application at and submit a current transcript.

Who qualifies for RIMS Student Membership?

RIMS student membership is limited to fulltime (as defined by the school) students at an accredited college or university, majoring in risk management, insurance or business, finance or management with an emphasis in risk management and/or insurance provided such individual is not otherwise eligible for membership in another class. This means that students who work fulltime who would be eligible for membership in either a Deputy or Associate category (even if they are also taking a fulltime course load) are not eligible for this membership category. Student Members should be affiliated with a RIMS Chapter, to the extent possible given the student's location relative to the Chapter area.

What are the RIMS Student Membership dues?

RIMS has waived Society dues for students who meet the Student membership criteria.  They will receive all regular member benefits EXCEPT for a hard-copy subscription to Risk Management magazine (which they can read online). RIMS will permit Student members to continue their Student membership, waiving society dues for a period of up to one year following their graduation, until they are eligible for membership in the Deputy or Associate member category.  They will remain classified as “Student” members during this time extension and will have the privileges and restrictions that apply to Student membership. While student members are responsible for local Chapter dues, many Chapters have agreed to adopt the Society’s policy and waive dues.

What are the benefits and advantages to being a RIMS Student Member?

·         Networking. With a membership of more than 10,000 risk practitioners, RIMS offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry experts.

·         Student Mentorship Program – getting paired with a nearby experienced risk professional who can offer advice and personal guidance. 

·         Affiliation with one of 82 local geographic Chapters. Chapters are the building blocks of RIMS, and provide opportunities to attend educational sessions and network on a face-to-face basis with risk professionals and potential future employers.

·         Access to RIMS Career Center and Student Resource Center. Resume posting, job listings and career management tools tailored to students and young professionals.

·         Student, Career Management and Risk Professional eGroups –online communities that provide forums to ask questions and discuss industry- and career-related issues with your peers and colleagues. And each e-Group has an associated library of materials and information to help you with the next research paper.

·         Subscription to Risk Management magazine – the premier source of analysis, insight and news for risk managers in corporate, non-profit and government settings.   

·         Preparing to sit for the ARM?  RIMS members receive significant discounts on ARM study materials as well as a range of other publications and services.  Visit RIMStore.

·         Significantly reduced rates to attend RIMS Annual Conference and Exhibition – the world’s largest gathering of risk management practitioners -- and Regional Conferences in the US and Canada. 

·         There’s no need to wait until after graduation to take advantage of the workshops and webinars that RIMS offers – and at members-only discounts.

·         Into online blogging?  RIMS’ newest addition to its online publications is Risk Monitor, our daily risk management blog. 

 How can I contact RIMS for more information?

The RIMS Student Advisory Council is the clearinghouse for all student-related activities within RIMS. For more information, please contact the Staff Liaison.

With which related groups does the RIMS Student Advisory Council (SAC) work to promote opportunities for Students?


Risk Knowledge is a searchable library of relevant information for today's risk professionals. Available materials include RIMS Executive Reports, survey findings.

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