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Canadian Risk Management - CRM

Image The Global Risk Management Institute, Inc. (GRMI) is an institute that issues the CRM and is an alumni association of individuals who hold the Canadian Risk Management (CRM), Fellow in Risk Management (FRM) or RIMS Fellow (RF) designations.

To achieve the CRM designation:

Step 1. Enroll at your local university. Before you register, make sure the three CRM courses are available.

Participating Institutions/Universities offering CRM courses:

McGill University University of Toronto
Simon Fraser University University of Winnipeg
University of Alberta University of Western Ontario
University of Calgary Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Wilfrid Laurier University McMaster University
Carleton University Universite du Quebec - TELUQ

Please click here for more information and links to universities offering CRM courses.

Course Tuition:University course tuition varies from one institution to another, and is independent of fees paid to the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI).

Step 2. To receive the CRM, an individual completes the three required courses (send copies of grades to GRMI) and submits a $100 fee (Canadian funds) to cover the cost of verifying completion. GRMI awards a certificate following receipt of transcripts.

Step 3. Download and complete the application form.

Course Descriptions

Risk Management Principles and Practices:
Topics: Introduction to risk management; Risk management standards and guidelines; Hazard risk; Operational, financial, and strategic risk; Risk management framework and process; Risk identification, analysis, and treatment; Financial statement risk analysis; Capital investment and financial risk; Monitoring and reporting on risk.

Risk Assessment and Treatment:
Topics: Introduction to risk assessment and treatment; Root cause analysis; Business continuity management; Physical property risk; Intellectual property and reputation risk; Legal and regulatory risk; Management liability; Human resource risk; Environmental risk; Crime and cyber risk; Fleet risk.

Risk Financing:
Topics: Introduction to risk financing; Estimating hazard risk; Transferring hazard risk through insurance; Self-insurance plans; Retrospective rating plans; Reinsurance; Captive insurance; Contractual risk transfer; Transferring financial risk; Transferring hazard risk to the capital markets; Allocating costs of managing hazard risk.

Membership in GRMI

In order to maintain the (CRM) Designation, membership in the Global Risk Management Institute, Inc. (GRMI) must remain current.

To renew and continue the membership, the individual pays a $50 annual fee (U.S. funds).

Questions and Correspondence

Marianne Cullen, Education Associate, RIMS, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018, 212.655.6212
Fran Jordan, Education Manager, RIMS, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018, 212.655.6221

Earn your RIMS Fellow Designation and continue to learn about the dynamic field of Risk Management.

The Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation meets the risk management foundation towards the RIMS Fellow (RF) designation. To learn more about
the RIMS Fellow (RF) designation, click on the menu on the left for RIMS Fellow.