Submission Guidelines

The Conference Programming Committee needs complete information to properly evaluate your submission(s). Submissions MUST include speakers.
  • Speakers added to your session will automatically receive an invitation email from you, so be cognizant and ensure you have the correct information when adding a speaker.
  • For each submission you will automatically receive a notification that your session has been received.
  • If you plan to use the comment box make it short and simple.
  • RIMS will inform you via e-mail of program acceptance by late September 2009.
If your session is selected, coordinators agree to fulfill the following:
  • Session(s) require a minimum of one speaker who must solely perform a risk management function and also serve as moderator if necessary.
  • Speaker panel may have a maximum of 3/4 speakers (including a risk manager).
  • Maximum of three (3) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager) - 90 minutes; Maximum of four (4) speakers (inclusive of a risk manager) - 2.5 hours;
  • RIMS policy limits the number of speakers allowed from a company, only one representative from a company, including subsidiaries, is permitted per session/workshop.
  • Upon acceptance of your session, all confirmed speakers MUST sign off on the RIMS Terms and Conditions. Click here to view a copy.
  • Market your session. Sessions with low registrations may be canceled at RIMS discretion.
  • Meet all deadlines
  • Submit session outline(s) within 60 days of acceptance.
  • Upload presentation on the RIMS website by the given deadline.
  • All Educational Sessions will be audio recorded and a selected few will be videotaped.

How do I find out which category and experience level best fits my session? Click here to find out.

Tips on submitting a Program Suggestion Form