RIMS 2008 Conference Challenge

Fantabulous. Gung-ho. Awesomatic. Dynamize. RIMS 2008 Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego introduced new ways for us to talk about risk. At the conference, Janice Ochenkowski, RIMS President, asked us to take the lessons learned and the ideas generated back to the office with renewed energy and vibrancy. And, she posed a challenge to all attendees-to create their own new and inspiring words to describe risk management and share them with RIMS. Many attendees took her challenge. Do these words spark your creativity? Submit your own word today to rtallant@RIMS.org.
beaudious rimsical dyntastic pursuitious changematics riskerminator tenaciousity riskafaction kinetic brainstorm animate Riskology devise ingenuity newfangledness novel inventiveness industrious futerrealistic safify expercize Riskonomics super duper multicell risk-o-licous extraordinarific fantabulicious Riskotunity Supercalifraga"risk"ticexpialodoucious