RIMS Webinar Series: Risk Management Strategies in an Unsettled Financial Market 9/22/2008


In light of the recent turmoil in the financial markets, many RIMS members are reevaluating their risks and exposures. While there is some relief in the risk community from the government intervention secured last week, uncertainty of the long term impact still exists.

"Organizations are assessing and mitigating the real and potential risks emanating from changes in the financial landscape, such as last week's news about AIG and Lehman Brothers," says Janice Ochenkowski, ARM, RIMS president and managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated.  "Now more than ever, risk practitioners are in a position to share their unique knowledge and insights, and offer valuable strategic advice to executive management."

To help risk managers navigate these complex issues, RIMS has organized a series of webinars featuring thought leaders who will provide insight on various aspects of insurance and financial market changes. To view archived versions of Risk Management Strategies in an Unsettled Financial Market Part One: The Insurer’s Perspective, Part Two: The Broker’s Perspective, Part Three: The Risk Manager's Perspective and Part Four: The Analyst's Perspective visit www.RIMS.org/WebinarsThe webinars are free to RIMS members; non-members may participate for a fee of $30.