Career Maze

Career Maze puts over a decade of consulting experience into an on-line tool designed for people to find their future by increasing self-knowledge.

Essentially, Career Maze gets a behavioral snapshot of you through your own eyes. Your response to a relatively compact questionnaire produces a clearly written discussion focused on your work life. As you read through the Career Maze report, you will have the opportunity to think in new ways about real-world vocational possibilities and strengths you can bring to your work.

Combining business-savvy ideas with common sense truths, Career Maze highlights a range of specific career options that fit your individual characteristics. It encourages you to think about tapping your full potential to find your future.

Whether Career Maze simply refines your present career vision or starts you down a new path, its relevant insights will add to the knowledge you need in a successful career.


"Personally, I think the Career Maze report is very clear, easy to read, and pretty much said it all. I found the results to be very interesting, it's actually kind of odd that you can get all that information out of the few words that I selected."

Ashley Nipper
Tampa, Florida

View a sample report, a condensed version of the full report you would receive immediately afer completing the Career Maze. The actual report is between 10 to 12 pages long.