Category Descriptions/Experience Levels

Not sure which category or level your topic best fits? Below are information which will assist you in making the right choices.

  • Claims Management—information on the most up to date technology and procedures for managing the claims element of the total cost of risk.
  • Employment Risks—addresses risks associated with all areas of employment.
  • Enterprise Risk Management—information relating to identification and assessment of enterprise wide risk.
  • Finance—integrates the financial aspects of risk into risk management.
  • Industry—information shared among peers and speakers on specific industry topics.
  • Insurance—analysis of insurance contracts and coverage. Addresses specific types of coverage in detail.
  • International—analysis of exposures that are unique to multi-national companies or domestic companies with some foreign exposure.
  • Legal Legislation—incorporates aspects of the legal and regulatory environment into risk management.
  • Loss Control—framework and techniques for reducing risk through mitigation programs.
  • Risk Management—ideas and solutions for the identification, assessment and treatment of risk.

Sessions vs. Workshops
Educational sessions are lectured presentations (1.5 hours) and workshops (2.5 hours) are more in-depth and involve case studies and examples.

Structure or Experience Levels
Entry—Limited Experience
Intermediate—All Audience
Senior—Significant Experience with the topic
Executive—Strategic approach to issues