Property / Casualty Insurance: A Basic Guide Available Now in RIMStore

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One way or another, insurance influences much of our daily lives. It can affect us economically and psychologically. If you've ever needed a guide to become familiar with the jargon and terms customary to the insurance industry, RIMS has the book for you! Property/Casualty Insurance: A Basic Guide, by Ernest Gore, is written for those just getting started in risk management and insurance, or for those who need an introduction to the basics of the industry. With simple to read language, the guide:

  • covers when, how, and why the industry began;
  • discusses the various positions within the industry, as well as the make-up and content of the principal policies-primary, excess, reinsurance, etc.;
  • outlines the general concepts of legal / tort liability;
  • and contains an extensive glossary of terms and conditions for easy reference.

Property/Casualty Insurance: A Basic Guide is available in paperback with special RIMS member discounts available in the RIMStore. It's sure to be a great addition to your corporate library!